2021 auto-entrepreneur turnover ceiling

Created in 2009, the auto-entrepreneur status was supposed to last only three years maximum for new entrepreneurs who wanted to try, become independent, start a company, in a simple way and without spending hours in administrative paperwork. Ideal for testing a new activity, starting without paying social charges in the event of zero turnover, minimized risk-taking has attracted hundreds of thousands of French people.

Administrative simplicity, flexibility and social charges proportional to income have also convinced the liberal professions, especially since the ceilings have been dramatically raised. From € 32,000 in turnover for craft activities and services, the maximum amount for invoicing for services and the sale of merchandise has more than doubled. Emmanuel Macron wishing to fight against unemployment by reforming the Labor Code and allowing more flexibility to new entrepreneurs.

With a fair but modest income, many liberal professions, craftsmen and actors of the tertiary sector have chosen simplicity by (re) becoming self-employed. If you reach almost the authorized ceiling for the provision of services, by deducting the 25% of social charges, you will have approximately € 4,500 left each month. What to live comfortably and without administrative problems with the URSSAF, without VAT, etc. A simple declaration every month or every quarter, a few clicks are enough.

The ceilings for self-employed entrepreneurs in 2021

For the year 2021, the turnover limit for a self-employed company remains almost the same as in 2020 and is set at:

  • 176,200 euros for trade activities (purchase – resale of goods) and rental of housing
  • 72,600 euros for services and liberal professions

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