2 ways to update Mac apps automatically

If you want your Mac to automatically update programs from the Mac App Store, you can easily set it up in macOS. This can be a convenient setting to use if you like to keep your Mac apps up to date but regularly forget to update them manually, or if you just want the automated update process to be automated.

The ability to automatically update Mac apps that were originally downloaded from the App Store has been around for a while. However, the latest versions of macOS have changed the way the setting works and where it is located.

Automatically update Mac apps

Update apps via the AppStore

To automatically update an app downloaded from the AppStore to a new version, you need to open the AppStore. Then, at the top left of the menu, click AppStore and then Preferences.

Click: Automatic Updates to automatically update apps you download and install from the App Store to the latest version of the app.

Enable automatic updates for apps in macOs

Update apps via CleanMyMac

To automatically update apps with the latest version, you can also use the all-in-one CleanMyMac app. CleanMyMac has a feature called “Updater” which notifies you as soon as a new version of an app becomes available to update the app.

The app offers even more benefits that you read in the CleanMyMac review.

Download CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac updater

Click Updater on the left, then select the app to update. Then click Update and CleanMyMac does the rest. You do not have to go through any installation process, the apps are automatically updated with the latest version.

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